Friday, September 27, 2013

Killing Time Without Getting Killed (Financially)

               Azimuth's Beacon Series - Exclusively Offering Trip Delay Benefits

Delayed getting to Oz to see his flying monkey cousins
Anyone who has more than one page of their passport stamped has probably felt that iceberg in the stomach feeling that seems to be attached with a stainless steel tether to the airport's departure screen as it mocks him, displaying his flight status as delayed. Thus, letting him know that the flight bound for home that he rolled out of the rack for at 4:30 am won't be leaving any time soon.  The one for which he threw in his travel clothes, a toothbrush (but no toothpaste), jammies & teddy bear in a bag, then waited for the shuttle that was running late, had airport insecurity grope his nether regions and negotiated his way to an open chair next to the hygienically-challenged Rastafarian and the elderly lady with 7 decades of stories to share. So, now what to do?  Hang out with your new friend and learn about how things were done when she had to share a telephone party line with the whole neighborhood in the 1950s?  Woo, listening in on that Ethel Simpson's conversation, she was such a, no.  Instead, of being THAT guy, you can enjoy the knowledge that you were prepared.  Prepared not only for accidents and unforeseeable illness that might arise while traveling internationally, but also for extended flight delays.  Travel medical insurance plans usually provide no benefits for trip delays or flight cancellation, so Azimuth stands as alone as Tom Hanks in that movie where he buddies up to a volleyball.  The Beacon Series provides coverage for up to $100 a day for return trip flight delays/cancellations lasting 12 hours or more.  Granted, it may not mean a night at the Ritz or dinner while suspended by a crane, but it will most certainly defray a significant unanticipated expense and maybe soothe an annoyance or two.  

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