Monday, August 19, 2013

Cutting the String Between My Tomato Cans

The Simple Beauty of Online Travel and Medical Insurance Applications

Tisk, Tisk, Tisk! Flight Attendant
Tells Me I've Been a Bad, Bad, Boy
One of the best things to happen from these internet-enabled times, besides those seemingly limitless cat pictures, updates on what strangers had for lunch (how fascinating their rock solid grip on the mundane) and eternally archived episodes of Alf, is actually something exceedingly cool: the website. This is where you'll find, amongst other good stuff, our online quoting/application/fulfillment system.  You may think, "how can this stack up to that darling picture of Fluffy gnawing my little toe to a stump?".  Oh dear reader, it smacks Fluffy around like Michael Vick would after throwing 5 interceptions. This outstanding tool allows Azimuth's clients to do functions that would have been a wildly time consuming and cumbersome chore a scant 15 years ago.  Consider what you would have had to do.  First, you'd have to find where you could get travel insurance, sure you might have had a chat with your insurance professional, but you might have left your lunch out on the counter next to an open window that morning with the sun streaming on your sandwich.  Hungry and reckless, you decided that mayonnaise isn't all that bad even if it smells pretty rough.  Then, you went to see the agent and she hasn't let you back into her office since.  Besides the clear gastrointestinal issues, you never got a chance to discuss your need for travel medical insurance, never reviewed the benefits available to protect you and never had it in place when you traveled.  Then while abroad, you exhibited the same questionable culinary decision-taking ability and found yourself in the hospitMeridian Clearal with several concerned looking people saying things in a language you didn't understand.  Except for the, "tisk, tisk, tisk" which seems to translate into any language.  Instead, you can now visit, spend just a few minutes filling out your online Beacon Series application and the next thing you know...cats are, instead, your email pings like you're living in Vegas and you've got all the travel medical insurance documents you need fresh and cooling in your inbox. 

If you are living internationally or planning to, you can select the Meridian Series Enhanced or Basic options.  There, you'll be able to do all the funky functions mentioned, but because our underwriters will need to evaluate your application, you'll have to delay your gratification by a few days.  Still, you won't need to worry about administrative folks attempting to decipher your name - admit it, your handwriting leaves a bit to be desired. The online system also beats working from the Rorschach test that's masquerading as a smudgy, unreadable fax.  Sending that mess once means you'll eventually need to send it more times than there are bad guys in the Matrix. Your electronic application will go instantly to an Azimuth's underwriter's computer screen.  Also, if you happen to be healthy and in a big hurry, you can choose the Meridian Clear and receive an instant online fulfillment.  Quick and simple.  Just like me.  Well, maybe I'm not quick, but people have said I'm simple.

PS. Insurance is the Brussels sprout of subjects.  You know you need to understand it for your own good and I'll work to make it palatable (if it doesn't work, feed me to the dog under the table).  So, if you enjoy learning a little more about it in an (occasionally) entertaining way, then someone else might too.  Share the love via social media or get on the subscriber list.  After all - Don't cost nuttin' 

PPS. Living or traveling internationally now or soon?  Contact your insurance agent and demand to see what Azimuth Risk Solutions can do for you.  Or, visit to learn more

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