Friday, April 26, 2013

Like Getting a Haircut with a Butterknife

Why choosing the right international health or travel medical plan is really annoying:

Many prospective clients call our offices looking for guidance as they go about trying to figure out what plan makes the most sense for their upcoming travel or expatriate relocation.  If you find you're overwhelmed by the myriad number of choices, additional optional benefits and companies touting the best coverage since the invention of the paintbrush, then don't feel like the Lone Ranger.  You should start by lighting some candles, center your chi, do a few breathing exercises....then, grab a sandwich and ask yourself a few questions.  Once you get past, "why am I here?", "how small is small?" and "how does the guy writing this find his way to work?", try the following questions on for size (if you don't like them, we also offer them in a 42 long):

  1. How long do I reasonably expect to be out of the country?
  2. Is there a chance I won't like where I am and may want to come back sooner?  Will I be able to cancel my insurance?  What's love got to do with it? Will our heroes escape the clutches of the Joker?  Isn't this supposed to be a single question?
  3. Am I traveling or living internationally by myself, with my family or with a group?  If you don't know this answer, you're probably going it solo.
  4. Is this employment related?  If so, maybe a chat with whomever is in charge of Human Resources is in order there, Bunky. 
  5. Will I be participating in higher risk sports or activities?  If so, consider the Sports Rider available with the Beacon Series.  Or, depending upon the activity, the optional Maternity Rider on the Meridian Series Basic.
  6. Will I need to come home at some point?  How often? Will I want to come back if my health is an issue?  Whatever the answer, call you mom.  She worries.
  7. Will I keep my domestic insurance plan?  
  8. Still not sure?  Not surprising, since all you have are answers to questions that don't tell you how to choose a plan.  Click here Dorothy, and you'll be transported to Oz; or maybe Kansas.  Then again, maybe not, but it has as good a chance as clicking those ruby slippers you picked up at the neighbor's garage sale.  Then, I'd suggest you visit and you'll know your way around the place.  Or, just email and get a fresh & friendly reply. 
PS. Insurance is the Brussels sprout of subjects.  You know you need to understand it for your own good and I'll work to make it palatable (if it doesn't work, feed me to the dog under the table).  So, if you enjoy learning a little more about it in an (occasionally) entertaining way, then someone else might too.  Share the love via social media or get on the subscriber list.  After all - Don't cost nuttin' 

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