Friday, May 11, 2012

What is the difference between trip insurance and travel medical insurance and why would I care?
International Travel Medical Insurance
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Most of the time when people refer to travel insurance, they immediately think of what's often referred to as trip cancellation insurance.  This is a fine choice for some travelers, but since it's primarily a Property & Casualty coverage, rather than a Life & Health product, the coverage devotes a heavy focus upon the financial exposures involved in deposits and payments to airlines, hotels, etc.  If you are traveling with a tour group this might be a good selection for you.  However, Azimuth provides travel medical insurance (fully insured by Lloyd's, London) that is clearly dedicated to providing you with superior protection against accidents and unforeseeable illnesses - and you even have coverage if your trip is delayed.  There's a whole menu of other travel benefits as well that you can enjoy with the Beacon Series plan.  It's affordable and offers you a terrific value for your premium dollar. 

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